Cosplay Photoshoot Booking

about my photoshoot style

Choosing a photographer is an important decision for every cosplay photoshoot. We all have very specific styles and methods, and it's important to choose someone who you will mesh well with to get the best results. I recommend taking a look through my past photos section as well as my instagram @cuvpix's tagged photos to get an idea of my work. Below you'll find some words about my approach to cosplay photoshoots to help you see if we might be a good match! 

To start - I work with anyone, from beginners to those who have been cosplaying for years. If you're new to posing, I will help you out as much as possible! Since I cosplay too, it's important to me to try to catch any imperfections before I grab the photo. Pins, unruly wig hairs, I deal with it all.

I prefer shooting in natural light when possible, but I do have lights and flash that can help us out in weird light situations or if we want to make things a bit more dramatic. I like to take a LOT of photos of the same pose so we can get many different angles to choose from. The more photos we take, the more we get to choose from for edits. As a cosplayer, I know there's specific ways I like to look in photos, so my goal is to give you as many options as possible.

As far as editing, I love love loooove to edit. I have a pretty specific style that I default to, but at the end of the day, I want you to have the photos that you envisioned - so whatever editing you want, I'll mimic to the best of my ability. Note that special effects and full composites are not my thing, but I can point you to other photographers if that's something you're interested in. 

I hope that helps explain a bit of my thought process on photoshoots! If you have any questions, definitely feel free to reach out. Otherwise, if you're interested, scroll onwards to my booking links :)

booking links


Non-Con Location Photoshoot Inquiry pricing and specifics to be discussed after form is filled out.

Available Discounts:

Otakon: $5 discount for the following series: Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Fate (any), League of Legends/Riot Games, Witcher


If you refer someone to me, and they remember to write your username in as a referral, you will receive $5 off your next photoshoot booking! This can stack ;)

convention pricing


45 minutes / $75

5 edited photos


1 hour / $105*

6 edited photos

*$105 up to 4, additional $5 for the 5th

While the time listed is the time I will have set aside for the shoot, there's always the possibility of finishing up earlier. This has no impact on the quality or number of photos, sometimes we just get through our shoot really fast (so we can get on to con activities :) )


1hr - starting at $215 - 12 edited photos

Price can change on # of participants, photos, and editing required.

Photos returned are fully edited - this includes color grading and beauty edits. If you are only interested in color grading and NO other touchups, let me know at edit selection time. All packages (including bundles below) include a full preview gallery, as well as the ability to purchase additional edited images.

Bundle Deals

Weekend Package = 2, 45-minute solo/duo shoots = $135 ($15 discount)

Full-Con Package = 3, 45-minute solo/duo shoots = $200 ($25 discount)

quickphotos Package = 2, 20-minute solo shoots (6 total photos returned), $80 note: limited locations

Friendship Package = 2, 1 hour three to five person shoots = $185 ($25 discount)

Packages can be spread out across the convention weekend (Thursday to Sunday) and split across friends. So if two buddies want to book separate shoots, we can do it at package pricing! I do ask that one person handles payment for the group in this event.


$10 deposit due within 1 week of receiving the time confirmation email. Photoshoot time is NOT guaranteed until deposit is received.

Remainder of payment is due by the photoshoot time. Preview photos are not released until payment is complete.

I accept paypal, venmo, cashapp, and cash.

Booking Process and Additional Info

1. Please fill out the booking form for the event you are wishing to book for. You will be able to choose your top 3 chosen times for the photoshoot. Once I have a set schedule for photoshoot blocks, I will confirm the best fitting time from your 3 times, in the order in which bookings are received. (So the earlier you book, the better!)

2. You will receive an email confirming your time once schedules have been set. At this point, you will need to submit the $10 deposit within a week of email receipt. If I do not hear from you, your spot will be released. 

3. If you send your deposit and form back, I will confirm your photoshoot and see you at the convention.

4. You will receive a preview gallery within 14 days post-convention. This gallery includes every usable photo taken during our photoshoot. You will have the opportunity to select your top photos from this gallery, and those selections will be edited. If you choose to purchase additional photos, you will receive your guaranteed edits first. The additional photos will be placed in the queue.

5. Turnaround time for edits is usually between 2-4 weeks. If there are changes to this timeline, I will let you know at photoshoot time.

6. You may place your own edits over the photos utilizing whatever medium you choose - Meitu/Beautycam/Facetune work very well for the standard size of photos returned. I do not return RAW file format copies.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

*please refer to convention form for convention-specific scheduling policy*

Cancellations are permitted up to 3 days before the con. You will receive your deposit back. After the 3 day window has closed, you will no longer receive the deposit back.

If something comes up on the day of the shoot, and you will be late/need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as you're aware. The earlier, the better! I will always try my best to fit you in at another time, but this is not guaranteed. In the event that I can't reschedule your shoot/you are unavailable for that particular cosplay for the remainder of the day, we can try to reschedule for another day.